w123 lang om617

came as green, repainted white, supposed to have al parts, more or less, looking for doorseals for the backdoors.

* find doorseals for rear doors w123 lang (+ the front, but those are easier)

partnumber for doorseals/weatherstrips for rear doors on the w123 lang:
Left: A 123 730 09 78
Right: A 123 730 10 78

* make shure al chrometrims and smal parts are here, if not try and find.

* get the regular dashboard in place (removed the taxidash a while back, but had some problems with center airwents)



w123 lang green w123 lang white


i know the place to pain the car isnt the best, but, it needed paint, and it can always be redone to perfection later on, but i plan to drive and use the car. so this will do.


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