5 thoughts on “w123 om606 7mm mynä Precision billet t6766”

  1. looks bad ass, I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind, 1: what exhaust manifold did you use for the swap? 2: what motor mounts did you use on the swap and finally 3: what more or less power you are making with this set up

    Thanks for the info, super nice car

    1. Custom made, and the car is a om606 7mm mynä dynoed at 550hp and 800nm d on the wheels

      it is now sold thou, so cant give you any input on enginemounts

    1. it does, even open ive driven many miles with it, but thats where it will get destroyed in my opionion, i would guess you are more likely to break driveshafts than the differential, especialy if you dont get the angles right.

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