w140 S500

Swapped the enginemount on the cars right side, the engine transplanted vibrations to the car when decelerating/enginebraking at about 50-60mph, not a nasty sound, but not something that should exist in a w140

The hardest part was to get the top 17mm bolt loose, one at the bottom was broken of (darn rust) but the one on the top was solved by tying a rope to a wrench, and one of us put a foot on the brakedisc and pulled.
That way it was an easy procedure, not shure how we would have solved it another way.
(In the video it was already loose, but filmed to show the procedure)

Swap enginemount s500 w140


Enginemount s500 w140 A1402402217 (1)

Removed the old enginemount, had to lift the engine up to get it out, and with the new higher mount it was a lot harder to get it in place, we where two persons, but still fiddled quite a long time, we used a jack under the oilpan to lift the engine up, almost as “high” as we could before we started lifting the front of the car.
The extra bit higher we finaly lifted it made al the difference

Enginemount s500 w140 A1402402217 (2)

Enginemount s500 w140 A1402402217 (3)

Old vs New

Enginemount s500 w140 A1402402217 (4)

New vs Old

Enginemount s500 w140 A1402402217 (6)

Hydrolager A140 240 22 17


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