w123 om606 HX40 8mm Mynä


Got a hold of a set of A2204010002 rims from a w220 S-class, 16″ 7.5 inch wide and ET46.
This is to high ET to even fit in the rear and it barely fits in the rear with a 5mm adapter, but the front is a no go, definetly.
Solved that with a 30mm spacer

Got a hold of a set of two spacers from spacer.se 30mm wide, this brings us down to an ET of 16, (ET16) and that is quite close to the ET11 16″ 8″ wide Penta 16″ that i have on the w116, and people run on w123s.
Tried out that spacer+rims on the Mynä om606 w123 (would like to use them on this car for more of a sleeper look, crazy light rims, and somewhat stock look)

The front was a no go since the spacers wherent made for that long center/hub, but after talking to the guys at spacer.se and some measurements of the hub, the center is down to 64mm in diameter 22mm out from the hub (from 66.6, or 66.5 they actually are), and it shouldnt be a problem to make a spacer that fits in the front that is 30mm wide, and seems be doable to get even a 25mm wide spacer aswell.

Great finish of the spacer, aswell as good quality bolts included.
10.9 grade steel instead of what some companies send, 8.8. they seem to take some pride in both good customer service aswell as their products.

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