om606NA pumps

US-spec headlights w123, w126
w115 us-spec would be nice, but not needed. complete.

the headlights are to be used with separate opening at foglight to feed turbo mainly, (w123 and w126) (and if doable looking nice/stock in a w124+w201 aswell.

but w123 would be nice to have custom aftermarket high-beems in the foglight slot, so foglight lens not needed,
stock headlight/lowbeam nice but not a must, can probably find some aftermarket for those aswell, (jeep something?)
Good condition frame wanted. + plastic atleast.



  • illuminated sunvisors


  • 2.88 and/or 3.07 differentials w123
  • sunvisors with mirror+light w123 + w126
  • chrome below rear-lights w123
  • turbo manifold exhaust + intake om617
  • tachometer om617a last gen w123
  • Oldstyle tachometer, parts oldstyle amp, used condition but working is enough.
  • speedometer om617A w123 + electric (1981 something w123)
  • AC-controller/electronics w1231

Turbo outlet adapter for oilfilter+line to turbo,
(does this work on any om617NA oilfilter? if so, gives me many!)


  • electric seat controllers in the door
  • illuminated mirror in sunvisors, black/blue


  • electric seat controller in the door, front.
  • sunvisors with mirror+light (w123, w126, and w115, black ought to work)
  • gen2 front brakes, dustshields, calipers, and pins for calipers. mostly calipers important.


  • ash-tray, center console, both the inlet, but especially the whole part that moves out, and has the cigarettlighter in it

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