This Controller is made for all who want a more modern Gearbox in their great old Mercedes
Link to the hompage for this product
Also a shop
The 722.6 Gearbox was introduced in 1996 and has 5 gears and lock up in 5. gear
It shares bolt pattern width the 722.3 which is why it fits most old Mercs.
Using the Controller it can be run in Manual or Automatic mode, and it support Paddle shifters.

complete kit

 650€ + shipment (For US customers No VAT = -25%) for parts above, controller, harness, main display

display-lcd    indicator

Gearindicator 7segment display is extra. +40€
email for more info, email found in the manual linked below.

External link to Ole’s own document, Email can be found in this document.

A little Youtube teaser ;-) in a om606 equiped r129


44 thoughts on “New 722.6 Gearbox in you old Car”

    1. Ole Fejer from denmark builds these controllers for the 722.6 gearbox, and is selling them, you will find his email in the uploaded instruction/manual at the bottom of the document.

    1. i dont know exact price, and think it depends on what you want, currency changes and changes in parts, display that shows what gear you are in, and setup, harness, shifter etc etc.
      i would email Ole Fejer himself at the adress that is in the instruction/manual linked above (wont post here, cause it will result in more spam)

    1. the controller costs as above, 550euro for everything needed, + another 35euro for the 7segment display that shows what gear you are in currently

      controller, harness and main display 550euro
      7segment display +35euro

      you also need the gearlever for the 722.6 gearbox, besides the obvious gearbox ;)

  1. If I want to install the 722.6 gearbox on my 1990 300SEL, which rear differential should I be using?
    What is the final ratio?

    1. that depends on what type of driving you want to be doing, and at what RPM, i think your 300SE should have a 3.46 differential, with the fourspeed without lockup its a tad to revvy in my taste, but with the 722.6 it might be pretty perfect, you will have about the same ratio up to fourth gear, but with less slipp, and then a overdrive aswell as lockup on fifth gear.

      id keep what you got for starters, should land you somewhere along 2500rpm at 100km/h compared to current 86km/h at the same speed at fourth gear (less speed acctualy with the slip in the converter)

      if you want to go lower in ratio, and have the ability, a 300SD differential from a gen2 w126 is the best option i think, (2.82 something) i could probably arrange shipping of one of those if you want to from the USA,

      but a big advantage of the 722.6 is not needing to play with differential ratios, when you have overdrive and lockup

  2. Hi, for the m117 engine. which exact model would i need?
    and how much hp/ nm can the normal .6 handle. since ime running 334 whp and 545 nm right whit my modified .2 tranny.

  3. mmmm, ok i have a couple of M100 powered cars. I know the 722.6 should be able to handle the torque but would it be worth my while to adapt these trans to an M100? What sort of converter should I Use? one from a V12 for example?

  4. HI Ole . Luke aked me to contact you .We have a customer who has bought a G Wagen with OM606 and 722.6 with controller . Its the vehicle thats on DPUKs website . Right now it will only change gears by shifting with the paddles – can I reprogram the contoller so that it will drive in normal auto format . Previous owner has broken the joystick on controller and we think something may have got reset by mistake . Also can 1234 gears be selected through the gearshift as per normal car as well as new customer isnt botherd about steering wheel paddles . Hope you can help – I have downloaded the installation and set up files . Thanks Allan Gibson . Gibsons Auto Services

  5. Hello!

    Does the installation require an electrician or can a mechanic just straight connect them together?

    I want to install only a 722.6 box on my stock 1992 3L M103 300E. What other parts to I need other than what this kit provides? The transmission, the gear lever and the tools are all available already.

    Thank you.

    1. Its a pretty straightforward swap, al you need is the stuff you buy, and a gearlever that mates to the gearbox lever (and is from a 722.6) and between the gearbox and the lever connect the Gearboxcontroller that will manage the 722.6 gearbox.
      in case you have any more questions you could email Ole Fejer himself, his email can be found in the manual for gearbox controller 722.6 linked above

        1. if i would need a throttle sensor? or if you need it for the gearbox?
          If you have a spare i might be interested :)

  6. Hi has the price gone up as it states 650euros including 25% vat but when I go to the shop it’s not near that price also in UK our vat in 20% as the USA get to minus the 25% vat off the price leaving 550 euro thanks for your help

    1. looking at his updated webpage it says

      640€ + VAT
      800€ incl VAT
      for 722.6 Controller OLED display (No MAP) + New display housing

      672€ + VAT
      840€ incl VAT
      for 722.6 Controller OLED display (incl MAP) + New display housing

      so it seems my price was outdated unfortunately.
      Best would be to contact Ole Fejer directly :)

      1. Peter
        Are there people interested in a connection kit between a 722.6… automatic transmission and to mercedes engine models M110 / M114 / M123 / M115
        or a litte different version for the OM617 OM616 and om 615. ? I’am designing a set and making prototype at the moment.
        let me know

        1. Hello
          people might be, but i wouldnt bet much money on it.

          if people go throu the trouble of installing a 722.6 transmission, they are not strict”purist” anylonger.
          a m115 engine isnt that nice, and it would make more sense putting in a m102 or a m111 engine in that case, wich fit the gearbox straight away.
          And rather than putting that gearbox behind a om617 a om602-om606 is a more valid option.

          you might have some success, but i wouldnt bet much money on it unfortunately. the m110 might be an exception, but those willing to plow money into a car with that engine problably goes for an overhauled stock transmission

  7. Yo OM617 for life! Im going to buy the om617 adapter next week! The gearing in some of the 722.6’s are supremely better and will give the 617 the right attitude!

    1. it should do,
      the 722.6 might be a tad bigger/longer than your old gearbox, but shouldnt be by much.
      its also dependable on how you have mounted the engine, how far back and height.
      but i havent heard anything about a 722.6 not fitting in a w126, they fit in a w123, so shouldnt be much of a problem.

  8. Hi, i want to get a 722.6 in my 300sel w140 which is in the process of getting turbocharged. I know that a 722.6 from a later w140 will fit, but can i go for one from a w220 with m113 engine?
    I have seen, that the bellhousing is different in the later ones (not open on the downfacing side) is it still possible to get bolted directly to a m104 engine?

    1. no, its not possible to swap the box from a m113 engine without also swapping the bellhouse.

      That process is a somewhat doable thing, and people are swapping bellhouses of gearboxes comming from AMG v8 and V12 biturbo engines, to fit their om606 and m104 engines.

      get yourself a 722.6 that will fit your engine, and swap that bellhouse onto a m113 automatic-gearbox.

      i dont know the exact procedure, but its doable.

  9. Hi. I own a w124 I would like to mount the 722.6 gearbox
    In case I purchase the exchange form. instruction booklet in Italian?
    the price of 2016 has changed today or always the same in case it has changed You can communicate the total price including shipping costs for Italy
    Thank you

  10. i would like to fit the 722.6 from an CL55k AMG engine onto a M100 engine in my 300sel 6.3..

    obviously the transmission is up to the job… any thoughts on bell housing options.

    i guess maybe its a custom fabrication

  11. Does this work on replacing 722.5 gear boxes? I have a mosselman 300slr and i need a stronger trans to increase boost

  12. Hello.. I have a Mercedes G 460 with a 603960 engine and a 3rd series automatic transmission…I want to put an automatic transmission of the 6th series(722649)..will this bundle work with your control unit? and what other alterations are required for installation? thanks

    1. the control unit is not mine, but yes, it should work with any 722.6 gearbox,

      there is instructions on his now live site, but what you need is basicly throttle position sensor, and a gearshifter, external speedsensor is recommended.

    1. the system will work on any 722.6 gearbox,
      you would most likely need a custom ECU for the engine thou.

  13. want to convert,1992 500sel,m119 with 722.4 to 722.6,possibly will change Diff shaft and shifter itself from a donor çar 1997,dont want to deal with orijinal wiring set up,will this set solve the problem? Btw,open to advices,should i change the Diff or leave it as itself

    1. What original wiring? the one from the 722.6 or your car with the 722.4?

      You would not need any additional wiring except the olefejer kit for the gearbox.
      Id say start with the original diff, its quite nicely geared, and you will gain an additional gear/fifth with the 722.6

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