w201 M103 turbo Turbo intake manifold M103

We used a throttle body from a Volvo 960 since it has a real TPS sensor unlike the stock M103 which only has a WOT switch. We then coupled that with the wiring etc. from a Volvo B230E. Next was converting the kjet injector seats to use bosch style injectors which turned out to be […]

w201 m111 turbo Swap rear wheelbearing w201

Old Wheelbearing   Remove the nut holding the driveshaft in place, the Large 34mm 12sprocket nut After that is loose, with a slidehammer get the hub of. Remove wheelhub Remove locking ring/ circlip holding the bearing in place so it wont pop out pull the bearing out remove old bearing parts from hub press the […]

New 722.6 Gearbox in you old Car

This Controller is made for all who want a more modern Gearbox in their great old Mercedes Link to the hompage for this product www.ofgear.dk Also a shop www.ofgear.dk/Shop.ehtml The 722.6 Gearbox was introduced in 1996 and has 5 gears and lock up in 5. gear It shares bolt pattern width the 722.3 which is […]