# future projects s123 touring om605 722.6

future project, maybe next year, or this autumn, need to get the w123 lang done.

w123 280TE
electric windows, electric sunroof, fanfare horn, and working ABS
a touring is always a touring, and i want to be able to use a car, coupes etc isnt that interesting anylonger.

w123 280TE compound


and yes, i will get rid of those hideous headlights, and do soemthing about the paint.

hoping to get a good daily driver able to pull heavy trailers with good mpg low consumption, and smoke some newer cars when i want to.

  • 605turbo from a w202
  • 180cc 7.5mm dieselmeken
  • Compound turbo would be a dream, stock 605 with a superhx40 or superhx35 on top, or something alike, got a large Garret laying around, but might be to big.
  • 3.07, 2.88 or perhaps a 2.65 LSD that is sitting on the 617turbo w115 that isnt being used at the moment.
  • 722.6 with Ole Fejers controller


To do driveline:

  • get the 722.6 rebuild, or overhauled, if the w202 605turbo stock 722.6 will hold up any power, and how much work needs to be done
  • stock turbo + superhx35
  • manifold
  • om606NA intake manifold in aluminum modded for the om605
  • 044 prepump
  • separate brake on rear wheel on the clutchpedal from a w123 manual


To do exterior+interior

  • Taxi dash with computer
  • fix the SLS “reservoirs”
  • w124 leather seats front
  • illuminated sunvisors thanks to Garret in Sacramento
  • Remote lock (+start?`)
  • Xenon in the foglights with modified high-spec glasses so they act like extra highbeams
  • speaker setup in the trunklid+roof and perhaps doors
  • AC-clima with r134 gas and om605 pump
  • wind deflectors on atleast front doors
  • some big ass horn paired with the fanfare-horn button

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