Intake manifold

M103 manifold electronic injectors http://mbturbo.com/car/w201-m103-3-0/ Converting the KJET intake of a M103 to use bosch style injectors turned out to be pretty easy!  Get a fuelrail from a M104 Grind down the intake a bit Done   Om606 http://mbturbo.com/car/w123-om606/ m110 Turbo manifold http://mbturbo.com/car/w123-m110-turbo/  

w201 m52tub28 turbo w201 m52tub28 turbo

w201 190E with an bmw engine M52tuB28 and a VEMS system made by Engdahl Motorsport http://engdahlmotorsport.se/ launchcontrol and a heck of a drive. (Engdahl Motorsport helps out most of the west-coast of sweden and a bit more with their custom ECUs for Volvo, BMW and Mercedes and more.)