Gasoline engines

w201 M103 turbo Turbo intake manifold M103

We used a throttle body from a Volvo 960 since it has a real TPS sensor unlike the stock M103 which only has a WOT switch. We then coupled that with the wiring etc. from a Volvo B230E. Next was converting the kjet injector seats to use bosch style injectors which turned out to be […]

Intake manifold

M103 manifold electronic injectors Converting the KJET intake of a M103 to use bosch style injectors turned out to be pretty easy!  Get a fuelrail from a M104 Grind down the intake a bit Done   Om606 m110 Turbo manifold  

Enginemounts – colour codes

Running into a problem with the enginemounts and what color codes they are supposed to have, and what these colors mean in therm of firmness/softness and load rating. looking at autodocs website they have a lot of different options, with different colormarkings. Throu EPC i looked up the stock “Engine Mounting” part numbers for a couple […]