Bought a QDF42B differential to fit my 2.65 diff in my w201. Crown-wheel 1243530812 2.65 diff castnumber 1243434001 Wrong size/offset, and i  realised i had bought the wrong diff. Contacted James at www.birdsauto.com and got both help, information and some blueprints with measurements to compare with. QDF42B is for a 3.07 or 3.27 ratio 185mm […]

s124 300TE s124 300TE

Checklist of fixes of the 300TE s124   Cursive = fixed High priority SLS-piping leaking Right-rear damper leaking left-rear damper leaking Medium priority Lube/fix sunroof assembly so it moves properly Weld rust-holes in rocker-panels weld rust-holes in floor/spare-tire compartment and other places. Adjust self-leveling adjustment a tad higher  New axleshafts/swap boot on left rear axleshaft […]

w201 190d 2.5 turbo Fuelstrainer

Had problem with the car accelerating. Would not rev past 2500/3000rpm without jerking violently. Removed the fueltank from the car along the fuelstrainer and was completely filled up with gunk/rust and dirt.   Cleaning out the tank and the fuelstrainer got rid of the jerking almost completely, every filter was swapped and we had to […]

s124 om606 turbo Turbo oilfeed om606NA

Building the daily, a s124 that has gotten a om606.912, fivespeed manual, and a turbo-manifold from a om606.962 Taking the oilfeed from the oilfilter, where the oilpressuresensor is connected, with the help of a t-part Oilfilter outlet for oilpressuresensor Hoses, connections and gauge bought from Hydroscand https://www.hydroscand.se/ Complete kit, modded stock oilfeed and turned 180degrees, filled […]

Intake manifold

M103 manifold electronic injectors http://mbturbo.com/car/w201-m103-3-0/ Converting the KJET intake of a M103 to use bosch style injectors turned out to be pretty easy!  Get a fuelrail from a M104 Grind down the intake a bit Done   Om606 http://mbturbo.com/car/w123-om606/ m110 Turbo manifold http://mbturbo.com/car/w123-m110-turbo/  

s124 om606 turbo Turbo conversion w124 om606NA

We have a s124 that now is equipped with a om606.912 engine and a manual transmission the 717.433 It is supposed to be used as something of a daily, and would benefit from some more power. removed the oilpan from the om606NA after a bit of struggle, we first lifted the engine at both the […]

Tiny-projects headgasket swap m111 – corroded head

Heatproblems and water in the oil, the car was doomed for the scrapyard according to the first mechanics my friend asked, since they where going to charge him around 2000€ for the work removed the head by removing al things around it following the instructions in the instruction from Mercedes ,  I let the exhaust […]

Spring swap

w201 190d 2.5 facelifted om602 ride height comparison Springs; Rear 230mm long, 13,7mm thick Front 300mm long 14.8mm thick (1243211904) Way to low in my opinion Tried the springs from the w201 190E m102 i got from Thorbjörn at Engdahl motorsport, they were somewhat at stock rideheight, but with the heavy om602 it was an […]

Enginemounts – colour codes

Running into a problem with the enginemounts and what color codes they are supposed to have, and what these colors mean in therm of firmness/softness and load rating. looking at autodocs website they have a lot of different options, with different colormarkings. Throu EPC i looked up the stock “Engine Mounting” part numbers for a couple […]

w201 M103 turbo Loosen fan clutch and pulley

Start by getting the water and cooler of. This is very easily done by loosening the three bolts on each side of cooler-bar, by the headlights. There is also one screw in the center, down by the bumper. After this you loosen the hose going to the water coolant reserv and collect the water coming out into something. […]

w201 M103 turbo Triggerwheel install

Got the timing wheel installed. It’s a 60-2 wheel from Turbobandit in Sweden meant for the M103 crank pulley. I’m very pleased with this piece. It is the same thickness as and therefor replaces the balancer. It’s a pretty simple process in theory but I had some problem getting the harmonic balancer of since I […]

w201 M103 turbo Final drive – how to change w201

This example is on a 190e 2.6, swapping the original 3.27 diff for one from a 2.3 16v with LSD (also 3.27). For a list of possible gear-ratios, check here: http://mbturbo.com/gear-ratios/   Start by loosening the exhaust and the metal protector going around the cardanshaft right in front of the differential. They are going to […]

Differences between NA om602 and Turbo om602

Differences between OM602 NA and OM602 Turbo, according to FSM (most differences also apply to OM603) 1. Turbo head is “reinforced at the water jacket due to higher combustion pressures.” 2. Turbo head prechamber bore is 15 mm, NA is 14 mm. 3. Original NA head gasket had normal sheet steel reinforcing around the combustion […]