Diesels w126 SEC om617 turbo w126 SEC om617 turbo

In the beggining it was just a Gen2 c126 with broken V8 M117.965 engine. It took me some time to find a donor car 1984 300SD.   As my 500SEC did not have A/C I have to migrate complete table from donor car below you can se the mess… Not all the parts can be […]

w126 SEC om605 turbo Changed the springs + pics of enginebay

Changed the springs from ultra-low oilpan scraping, squatting dog stance, to something more drivable, sadly i dont have any pictures from before they where changed, but only one third of the wheels widht was in the ground at the back, and i feared that every dent in the asfalt could destroy the oilpan while driving […]

w123 om602 turbo 7.5mm dieselmeken w123 om602 turbo

still got stock inlinepump and stock turbo, dialed up about 2.33 turns, enough to maintain a stable and fast return to idle. pulling a w126 380SE, 400km on a trailer that wheights 700kg, no problem even with the 3.07 rearend, scooting past the trucks fighting the hills easily doing 100km/h up steep hills with 0.6-0.7 […]